White-eared Mesia Delivery: Fearless of Coldness

White-eared Mesia Delivery: Fearless of Coldness

White-eared Mesia, a bird species belonging to the Passeriformes and Paridae families, is a common bird widely distributed in China, Mongolia, Russia, and other regions. As a bird species that loves cold environments, its name contains the meaning of "cold".

The body size of White-eared Mesia is about 10 centimeters, relatively small and delicate. Their head is slightly round, eyes large and bright, and mouth short and hook-shaped. Their feather color is relatively simple, mainly blue-gray, with white bellies and a distinct white patch on the head, easy to identify.

The diet of White-eared Mesia mainly includes insects and fruits, so they like to activity in forests but can also be seen in cities. Their songs are crisp and pleasant, very pleasant to listen to.

White-eared Mesia is a very diligent bird species, famous for their "delivery" service. When White-eared Mesials fetch food from the nest, they will bring some food and store it in the nest. When incubating, they can use this food to feed their offspring. This behavior is very worth learning, telling us to think more for others and do what we can for others.

White-eared Mesia has a strong ability to withstand coldness. Even in the coldest winter, they will not stop their delivery service due to the coldness. Their nests are spherical in shape and contain warm feathers, plant fibers and other materials to ensure the warmth of the incubating young birds. At the same time, the feathers of White-eared Mesia can effectively resist coldness, ensuring that they are not overly affected.


Although White-eared Mesia performs excellently in cold environments, their living conditions are facing increasing threats. Human overdevelopment, forest destruction and other behaviors will affect their habitat and survival conditions. Therefore, we should be aware of our own behavior’s impact on the environment and actively protect the natural environment to provide better living conditions for wild animals.

In conclusion, White-eared Mesia is a very lovely, diligent, and responsible bird species. We should learn from their delivery service, think more for others, and also pay attention to their living environment to provide better living conditions for wild animals.

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