PeckPerk Ambassador

Hey fellow bird enthusiasts!

We're super excited to welcome you to the PeckPerk flock as one of our ambassadors! It's awesome you're joining us, and here's the scoop on the perks coming your way:

Feeder Discounts: Grab our feeders at a steal for just $129.

Complimentary Cloud Service: Enjoy 3 months of our cloud service on the house, valued at $12.

Friend Discounts: Share your unique code (like "FLYHIGH20") for exclusive deals on PeckPerk goodies. It's a win-win: your pals save money, and we get to welcome more folks to our community.

Earn from Sales: Pocket an 8% commission for sales through your code or link. Track your earnings with our real-time dashboard.

First Dibs on New Gear: Test out our latest innovations before they hit the market. We value your feedback to make our products even better.


Here's how you can help us soar:


Snap & Share: We'd love to see 3 high-quality pics and a couple of videos of our products in action. These will help spread the word.

Get Social: Post about your PeckPerk experiences on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and tag us @peckperk and invite PeckPerk as your collaborator. Let's make some noise together!

Feedback Matters: Your insights on our products are invaluable. Help us enhance our offerings with your experience.


Becoming a PeckPerk Ambassador is easy:


Hit us up via chat, DM, or email at to get the ball rolling.

Join our exclusive ambassador group—we'll send the link your way.

Make your first purchase through our official channels.

Start sharing your journey on social media.

Enjoy a $70 rebate on your purchase, and anticipate more ambassador benefits.


Content Sharing: As an ambassador, you're giving us the green light to feature your content on our platforms, helping the PeckPerk community grow.

Stay True to Our Vibe: Your posts should mirror the spirit of PeckPerk—showcasing the joy of bird feeding, with a pinch of your own flair. Steer clear of controversy to keep things positive.

Keep in Touch: Open lines of communication are key. If you hit a snag or have ideas, we're all ears.


We're stoked to have you with us and can't wait to see what we'll achieve together!



The PeckPerk Crew