Usage Guidelines

Step 1: Charging the Device
Use the included USB-C cable to charge the camera module for 2-4 hours. During charging, the LED light will start blinking. Once the battery is fully charged, a solid green light will appear. After removing the plug, the blinking blue light indicates that the device is ready for pairing.


Step 2: Downloading the Application
Download the PeckPerk smart bird feeder application from your app store, or scan the QR code provided for faster download.


Step 3: Creating an Account
After downloading, open the application and create your PeckPerk account. Alternatively, you can use third-party login options (Google,Facebook or Apple ID).


Step 4: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Pairing

Now, you need to pair PeckPerk with the mobile device's application through Bluetooth and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. After logging in with your account, the application will guide you through the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing process; simply follow the steps instructed by the PeckPerk application.


Step 5: Installing PeckPerk Outdoors

Once pairing is complete, it's time to install your feeder. The PeckPerk application will help you find a place with good internet signal. Once installed, you can test the live stream within the application to see if the recording works well.


Step 6: Filling the Feeder and Beginning to Feed

Fill your feeder with seed. You can use many different types of seed for your feeder. Once filling is complete, it's time to wait for some birds to arrive! Birds may need a few days to adapt to the new feeder, so remember to be patient.